Who are we?

Solugerm is an innovative company born in the minds of two leaders of the French vaping industry. It was in fact through the pooling of ideas and skills from Olivier Sarfati (founder of Jwell) and Mickael Adjedj (founder of Airmust) that Solugerm was able to come into being. For many years now, these two entrepreneurs have put their intelligence at the service of innovation and the consumer by offering equipment or liquids highly prized by vapers. It is therefore together that these two men decided to continue their journey by founding Solugerm in order to facilitate your daily life and make it cleaner and safer.

Solugerm products are all produced in a factory of more than 3000 square meters which has the latest innovations in latest generation intelligent automated machines. The entire manufacturing process, from the implementation of formulas to the exit of the product from the factory, is therefore designed to meet the most demanding standards and to give you complete satisfaction.

All our employees, our distributors, our managers and all those who make and who will make Solugerm are only obsessed with your well-being and good health.

This is what we are today and what we will be tomorrow.

Missions et vision

Solugerm was created to meet the needs of its customers in terms of health by offering more and more innovative solutions to facilitate daily hygiene. Innovation is therefore an integral part of our DNA since we are always looking for the most suitable formulas, packaging and solutions to meet all of your needs. We also know at Solugerm that needs are changing very quickly with regard to hygiene and this is the reason why we make every effort to always offer you the latest innovations.

But Solugerm is also a company that is proud of its origins and that wishes to participate in the national effort of French industry and economy. It is with this in mind that we decided to place our latest generation factory in France in order to be able to hire locally. French manufacturing will therefore always be preferred at Solugerm, for today and for a long time.

Solugerm products are innovative products made in France but they are also, and above all, high quality products. The hygiene products we sell are in direct contact with your skin and it is necessary that they meet health standards perfectly. All our products sold and distributed therefore have the best certifications to bring you the guarantee of quality.

Solugerm now wishes to establish itself in the French industry on a sustainable basis by offering ever more innovative quality hygiene products.

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