The SoluBox Nano is an automatic gel dose terminal without contact.

Without a doubt the most compact automatic terminal on the market in an elegant and modern design.



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Product Size 200 x 120 x 105 mm
Dimensions Pack 212 x 135 x 110 mm
Weight 468 / 558g
Tank volume 450 ml
Battery ×4 piles A
Autonomy 6 months
Usage modes Wall mounted or on plan
Options Variable dosage

Advanced Design

4 Dosages levels

Touch buttons

LED Control System

Infrared technology

Refillable tank

6 month autonomy

Infrared Technology

Quick check of liquid level

4 Dosages

4 Dosages Levels

Touch Buttons

4 Dosages Levels


SoluBox Nano is an automatic
gel dispenser with
infrared technology.

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