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SOLUMASK is a Type II R single-use mask. SOLUMASK is a 3-ply type mask that protects the user’s entourage and environment from the risk of bacterial contamination. See installation instructions to get the most out of its effectiveness. Elastics at the ears. Adjustable strap at the nose. 4 hours of efficiency.



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Size Unique size (175x95mm)
Type Type II R surgical mask (EFB> 98%) - Splash resistant. Disposable 3-ply mask
Pack Conditioning Box 50pcs - 195x100x100mm (optional: individual sachets)
Color Bluish
DDM Maximum use: 4 hours.
Date of minimum durability: 2 years.
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European Standards and How to use

Complies with European standard NF EN 14683 (2019) EFB> 98%. Type 2-R surgical mask. Bacterial filtration greater than 98%. Complies with standard NF EN 14683. 3-ply masks with elastic strap attachment. This mask is also "R": splash resistant.

1. Wash hands with soap and water or use a hydroalcoholic solution before handling the mask. 2. Locate the top of the mask. Place the surgical mask on the face, the nose clip on the nose. 3. Hold the mask from the outside and pass the elastic bands on either side of the ears, without crossing them. 4. Lower the bottom of the mask under the chin. Check that the surgical mask covers the chin well. 5. Pinch the nasal bar of the mask with both hands to adjust it to the level of the nose. 6. Remove the mask from behind (do not touch the front of the mask) and immediately dispose of it in a closed waste bin.


1 - Outer layout
Polypropylene non-woven textile: 25g / m2
2 - Inner layer
Textile non tissé/ «Meltblown»: 25g / m2
3 - Nose bar
Length 95 mm, (plastic + metal)
4 - Fastening loop (ears)
Fil élastique 160mm

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